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Opera Fresca Presents Giacomo Puccini's La Bohème

All of the principals and most of the chorus are shown in this scene from Act II of La Bohème.

Opera Fresca, the Mendocino Coast's premier professional resident opera company, presented La Bohème during its tenth season of operas, concerts and cabarets. Set in Paris' bohemian Latin Quarter about 1890, La Bohème premiered in Turin, Italy, on February 1, 1896, and it has remained one of the world's most popular operas. Opera Fresca presented La Bohème during April, 2006, at Eagles Hall Theater in Fort Bragg, California.

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Principal Cast of Characters (in order of appearance):

Marcello, a painter  Adam Juran, baritone, New York City NY

Rodolfo, a poet

Pedro Rodelas, tenor, Fremont CA
Colline, a philosopher

Bryan Boyce, bass, Madison WI

Schaunard, a composer  John Dooley, baritone, Woodbridge VA
Benoit, the landlord Richard Goodman, baritone, Mendocino CA
Mimi, a shy neighbor  Jessica Julin, soprano, Philadelphia PA
Alcindoro, an elderly gentleman        Richard Goodman, baritone, Mendocino CA
Musetta, Marcello's old flame     Kresha Faber, soprano, Vancouver BC

Principal Creative Directors and Designers:

Artistic and General Director Clare Barca
Musical Director and Conductor Les Pfutzenreuter
Stage Director Ann Woodhead
Chorusmaster Vincent Russo
Costume Design Gail Daly
Lighting Design Larry Lawlor
Set Design Ann Woodhead and Matt Rowland 

In addition, there were 29 members of the orchestra, 16 members of the chorus, a supernumerary and a narrator, plus over 50 members of the crew, supporting staff and volunteers. Bravo to all who gave their time, effort and talents to this fine production!

For more information about Opera Fresca and current and future productions, please visit the website at www.operafresca.com or write to PO Box 411, Mendocino CA 95460.

Prints available: Prints of the photos are available for personal use only to participants in the production and Opera Fresca. Send email to mail (at) nwilsonphoto.com or write to PO Box 943, Mendocino CA 95460 for pricing and availability. Please include the file numbers of the images you are interested in. Please note that due to technical limitations imposed by the distance of the camera from the stage and the use of a telephoto lens and slow shutter speed with available lighting, not all of the photos are sharp enough to make good 8x10 prints. However most of them will look good at 5x7 and all will print well at 4x6.

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