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The Mendocino Film Festival Photos Index Page

In 2006 the festival box office was located in the historic Kasten-Heeser House, the oldest building in town, built in 1852.

The Mendocino Film Festival has brought its magic to Mendocino every year since its founding in 2006. Taking its inspiration from the people of the Mendocino Coast, the festival offers independent films that blaze new paths and give voice to fresh insights into politics, art, culture and the environment. 

The festival offers a wealth of new and uncompromising visions, giving both serious film scholars and casual cinephiles something to experience and enjoy. You can find more information about the festival on the website  Look them up on Facebook at . (Both links open in  a new tab or window.)

Nicholas Wilson has been providing photo coverage of the Mendocino Film Festival from the beginning. The links below will take you to a web photo gallery for each season.

Web Photo Gallery Links for each season

2012 - Take 7 - Special guest Ralph Arlyck is this year's winner of the Albert Maysles Award

2011 - Take 6 - Special guest: Director/Filmmaker Les Blank

2006-2010 - Selections from the first five seasons

2010 - Take 5 - Special guests: Cinematographer Haskell Wexler, Daniel and Patricia Ellsberg, Wavy Gravy, Roger Ross Williams, Louis Psihoyos

2009 - Take 4 - Special guests: Actor Danny Glover, filmmakers Bob Elfstrom, Alan Dater

2008 - Take 3 - Special guests: Writer/Director Will Geiger and Producer/Director Stephen Simon

2007 - Take 2 - Special guest: Documentary Filmmaker Albert Maysles

2006 - Take 1 - Special guests: Director Sydney Pollack and Cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs

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